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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Smitten Book Club by Colleen Coble (Coauthor), Kristin Billerbeck (Coauthor), Denise Hunter (Coauthor), Diann Hunt (Coauthor)

Smitten Book Club is a hopeful, funny story of friendship, and healing. A carry-through mystery plot links four love stories: all using many of the same characters, written by friends for friends.
At a rummage sale, Heather, a member of the Fireside Book Club, discovers a turn-of-the-century romantic advice book written by a once-famous Smitten, Vermont resident. When she shares the precious volume with her friends in the club, they find clues about a hidden treasure rumored to be buried in their tiny town.
As Heather, Abby, Lia, and Molly take turns reading the book; each brings her own literary tastes. Heather sees it as a mystery. Abby discovers dashes of Jane Austen. Lia sees in it the idealism of days past. Molly just wishes they'd made the book into a movie!
In spite of the historic book’s advice, one by one, each of the women find romantic love. In searching for the legendary gold, the friends discover the best kind of treasure; the kind that brings hope and healing to each of their hearts.
            If you want a great pick-me-up, cute, and romantic book to read during an afternoon I  recommend you get the Smitten Book Club.
I received a copy of the book from Thomas Nelson Publishing in their Booksneeze blogging for books program for my review. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave Mike Weaver

Mike Weaver is the lead singer for the popular contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave.

Redeemed is a devotional book inspired by Big Daddy Weave’s single, chart topping, radio hit “Redeemed.” The 208-page devotional book is centered on, redemption, grace, and the healing power of Christ’s love.

The song, Redeemed, has inspired millions. This devotional book is a wonderful way to meditate and worship on, the loving and renewing grace of God. Each chapter has commentary, Bible verses from several translations, quotes from popular people, a prayer, and space to write your own thoughts. Though this book is set up to be read a section a day with room for notes in response to questions, it can be read through as a book. Redeemed is filled with encouragement for trying times and reminders of God's promises and greatness.

A very sweet devotional and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a devotional as a reminder to keep Christ in their lives daily. It is great for gifts and to keep out on your coffee table. There are pages at the end of each section to allow for reflection and incorporate the message into your daily life.

I Received copy of book from Worthy Publishing in their First Look Blog Program.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets - Episode One(Hidden Falls #1)

Thirty years of small-town secrets—now the key to the mystery is gone. The small town of Hidden Falls is abuzz. Former students, friends, and loved ones are prepping for the big event to honor Ted Quinn's many years of compassionate service. Quinn is reluctant about a night in the spotlight. An interesting turn of event occurs when he is introduced; he is nowhere to be found.
Hidden Falls – An Exciting New 13-Part Serial Novel, a new must-read episode releases every week starting January 24! The first episode is an easy read and leaves you wanting more. This is a great story to last you through the winter doldrums. Check out the next installment to find out what happens.

There is a Facebook page set up where you can interact with other readers, get insights from the characters, and join contests. Who doesn't love contests? Especially great is this offer, getting a free copy of the first episode. Are you going to join the fun and see what happens next in Hidden Falls?
Received EBook from Handlebar Publishing for my review