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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Directed Verict by Randy Singer

Directed Verdict

Directed Verdict invites you into the life of the characters and leaves you intrigued with the work that God is doing in and through each of them. It combines the components of a best-selling legal thriller and a Christian novel about God's amazing grace and power. This book celebrates the lawyers who stand to serve this country and the Lord. Directed Verdict will take you into a story that is out of this world, yet, such a reality for those who serve God through missions in foreign lands!

 The premise seems straightforward, but Singer introduces numerous complications, keeping our interest and keeping things racing along. Mixing the fast-paced, intricate plotting, intriguing characters, sprinkled with humor, and with a touch of romance, Singer, creates a wonderful story. The courtroom maneuvers are masterful. The in-fighting and conniving are genuinely shrewd and nasty. The plot twists are believable. Ultimately, the spiritual applications to our modern day world are noteworthy.

 I recommend this book to anyone who likes legal thrillers and good novels that are fun escapes. If you like suspenseful, complicated plots, this book is for you. Randy Singer is not well known yet, with books as good as this one that will change.
The book is a must read! Go ahead get comfortable and clear time in your schedule to read this book because you may have to do it all in one sitting!

I received this book on my nook for my review