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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest by Michael Youssef

         In the wake of rubble and smoke spreading throughout downtown New York, Washington DC, and in a field in Pennsylvania, America was immersed in shock, confusion, and terror. We feared that September 11, 2001 was only the beginning, and despite our growing doubts over the years, we were right.
  Blindsided is the wake-up call that will change the way you understand Islam. Michael Youssef uncovers and discusses the truth behind Islamic terror organizations and exposes the threat radical Islam poses to the free world. 
          Through textual support and historical analysis, Youssef reveals the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the Bible by the founder of Islam that continue to be propagated by Islamists and modern terrorists.

            In this book, Dr. Youssef exposes—with integrity—the deception of Islamist propaganda in the West, unmasking their intentions. In these pages, he provides an in-depth examination on the inner workings of the Muslim Brotherhood and how its influence may be closer than we realize.

            This book is an eye opening explanation about the Radical Muslim Influence in this country. Be prepared to be surprised and possibly shocked. Radical Islam has become such a powerful force within this country. This book is a wakeup call for all Americans that care about this country. The author did any excellent job explaining his message  I recommend this book, Americans need take notice  and  learn the truth and work together to curtail the influence of Radical Islam in this nation.