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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Betrayal by Jerry B Jenkins

The Betrayal has a strong opening and keeps up a brisk pace for the majority of the story. Mildly predictable, Boone Jackson is Chicago Police officer recently wounded in a large sting operation he was responsible for planning. He is recovering from his injuries when he discovers that the girl he's just starting to get to know Haeley and hoping to get to know better has been accused of plotting against him. Boone is sure that she is innocent, but as he works to try to clear her name he has to work through a lot. Things get more complicated as he tries to protect a witness, clear Haley's name, work through his injury and decide who to trust.
The Betrayal is a crime novel with some love story aspects mixed in. This novel is not necessarily a edge-of-your-seat, suspense at every turn type book, but a detective story about love, betrayal, and friendships. It was easy to read and enjoyable. I would recommend this book to teens and young adults. Fans of suspense, mystery and police novels will like "The Betrayal."

I did not read the first book in the series, other reviewers recommend to read the first one before this one, you may enjoy this book more if you read The Brotherhood (Precinct 11) first.
I receive the EBook from the Tyndale summer reading list for my review