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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Shadow Lamp by Stephen R Lawhead

This is the 4th book in the series. The premise of the series is that the universe is in danger, and that the skin map and the spirit well, are going to lead us to a solution.
The ideological core of the series gets unveiled toward the end of this book. This continuing saga is well written, characters are engaging, the story creative and provocative. The introduction of new characters keeps the series fresh and the ongoing adventures of the continuing characters advances the central theme.  

This book continues with all the style, energy, and imagination. Kit is the one who makes a critical discovery at the end of this book. What it means, I can only guess---the key to interpreting the Skin Map? Is it a way to unlock the Bone House? There are lots of possibilities here.

If you haven't started with the skin map this may be a bewildering story line, I recommend you start with the 1st book so it will be more enjoyable. If you love Sci-Fi/Mystery/Time-Travel novels you will love these books.

I received eBook from Thomas Nelson Fiction through NetGalley for my review.

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