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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Prayer Box (A Carolina Heirlooms Novel) by Lisa Wingate

            On the run from a powerful, abusive ex-husband, Tandi Jo Reese finds refuge in a deserted caregiver’s cottage on Hatteras Island. The locals assume that she’s there to take care of the main house, and they offer her friendship and support. This novel paints a picture of how God works in the details of our lives, of how one woman's selfless acts and prayers changed lives in a small town where she was actually despised and mistreated. Instead of bitterness, her love for her Heavenly Father guides her heart to loving and praying for others. Her relationship with her Father in heaven is revealed through the letters she has written and kept in boxes, found after her death.

           The Prayer Box is an interesting story on family ties, redemption, and of allowing oneself to be swept up into a river of grace regardless of one's past.  In the end, perhaps it's also a testament to the fact that maybe, sometimes you really can go home again.

             Lisa Wingate’s easy storytelling about faith, the healing power of love, and how both are often found in unlikely places. The message was excellent and although, a great ending, it took too long to get into the heart of the story.

            A well told story of redemption and hope I would recommend this book for book clubs, or just an easy read on a lazy weekend.

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