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Monday, December 21, 2015

Falling For Christmas by Kate Hewitt

Falling For Christmas is the introductory story for the new series, Falling For The Freeman's, which debuts in 2016. We are introduced to a truly tiny town of Creighton Falls, New York that has been on the downswing over the last years. The main and largest building in town is the hotel, which the Freeman family owns and basically abandoned. There are a very few business still operating and some are on their very last legs. It is in this tiny, dying town that our heroine finds herself in a blinding blizzard.

Hannah Ford is New York City born and bred but she’s just walked out of a Christmas party and driven over three hundred miles into a blizzard just to escape. She really doesn’t know where she is, where she’s going, or what she’s going to do. It’s nearly Christmas and not only that but, her car’s going nowhere, stuck in the snow.
If you like cheesy novellas and you suspend belief for the brief read you may enjoy this chance Christmas romance. It’s incredibly similar to other new Christmas novellas. It seems to have been written by a software program that has a romance template.
I received a digital copy of book from Tule Publishing through NetGalley for my review.