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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Black Madonna by Davis Bunn

Antiques expert Storm Syrrell heads to Europe to investigate the clandestine trade in religious artifacts. She dismisses superstitious tales of miraculous healings and divine omens. Yet when an obsessive Russian oligarch calls - just as her friend Harry Bennett vanishes - all assumptions must be cast aside. Storm seeks answers in a medieval monastery. There, the scarred visage of an icon provokes even more startling questions. Is she prepared to confront both earthly and spiritual powers? Storm remains haunted by lessons in love and betrayal that lie just outside her grasp, but hesitation now holds mortal consequences.

 In "The Black Madonna" Emma and Harry go all over the world in chase of various ancient religious icons. It is full of international intrigue, mystery and suspense - who are the good guys, who are the bad guys? Who is behind the sudden outrageously high priced items at auction? Will it tear Europe apart when it’s discovered that the Black Madonna in Poland has been replaced with a fake? Who bombed Harry? Who wants Storm dead? This book will keep you on your toes to the end!

 This amazing new novel takes you all around the world, while Storm and her friend, Emma who works for Homeland Security begins to unlock the secrets in the antiquities that are being auctioned off and just what their true motives are in obtaining religious items especially one item that has claims to stop time.
The Black Madonna is just the book for you adventure fans. A great historical adventure with a little political intrigue. I recommend this book