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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The world I never made by James LePore

The book starts out with Pat Nolan flying to Paris to identify the body of his estranged daughter, Megan. She seemed fine when he spoke to her on Christmas Day, and her suicide several days later does not make sense.    
Pat tells the police it is his daughter, even though the woman is not his daughter. He realizes his independent daughter must be in over her head, if she took the time to fake her death. It soon becomes clear that on one of her globe trots she made some powerful enemies in Morocco.  With the help of beautiful French detective Catherine Laurence, they follow every possible clue available, racing against time to get to his daughter.  

An international mystery/thriller that pulls you in from the first page and holds you captive until the very end. Terrorism is dealt with in a real and uncomplicated way. Characters and their obstacles are believable. A suspense story of power and treachery, broken relationships and redemption. Interweaving the two story lines of Pat and Megan throughout the book  that weaves into it lessons on love, selfishness as it adds impact as they head toward a stunning conclusion.
This book had the right amount of romance, mystery, intrigue, and suspense to make it an interesting read. I would recommend this book.

I received this ebook for my nook.