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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins

On Bernadine Brown's fifty-second birthday she received an unexpected gift; she caught her husband, Leo, cheating with his secretary. She was hurt, angry, but she didn't cry woe is me. She hired herself a top-notch lawyer and ended up with a cool $275 million.

Bring On The Blessings is the story of Bernadine E. Brown and the blessings she brought to Henry Adams, Kansas. Bernadine was confident and determined to bring love to a group of unwanted children. She wanted to restore a piece of history.  Jenkins brings a cast of new characters that are funny and loving.

 A woman of color turns a town right side up, to give life to a town that was almost nonexistent. Giving hope for kids who had none, at the same time, allowing the elderly to enjoy life again and to be a part of something much greater than their own lives.

 This book is about kindness, generosity, and the true meaning of being blessed.

Bring on the Blessings was such an enjoyable read you will come away with a romance, a history lesson and the need to improve the lives of those in the foster system.
I received copy of E-book for my review.