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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Life With Murder by P.B, Ryan

 Nell Sweeney is a young woman with a dark past struggling to make a new life by assisting a physician when she is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Out of the blue, she's offered a position as governess to the wealthy Hewitt family's new ward, Grace. She knows that her scandalous past would disqualify her for the position but decided to hide her past and take the job, hoping that this will bring the safety and security she's always wanted.

Still Life With Murder
is teeming with fascinating characters. Nell's remarkable empathy with each of them, from Detective Cook to the prostitute Pearl, to self-destructing Will Hewitt, make her not only a great amateur sleuth but the perfect guide through the posh parlors and rank opium dens of 19th century Boston.

It’s a page turner with lots of historical interest and unique characters. Nell's position as the governess in a prominent Bostonian's family places her in the middle of the story.

Nell may have some modern sensibilities, but were not out of place here. Considering her background, her unique situation, she might very well have been one of the women (a few decades later) to bring about reforms for women.

An entertaining and satisfying read and a very promising series. Anyone who likes "period" stories mixed in a good mystery will enjoy this book.

I received copy of E-book for my review