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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Freedom Tools by Andy Reese

The American church today is largely sitting around, trying to be good for God, waiting to enter His eternal Kingdom when we die. We are saved but not set free. Jesus paid the price for our freedom.  Not only freedom from an eternity separated from God, but freedom from bondage and affliction while we are still on this earth. Andy Reese has distilled the wisdom gained from countless sessions of Sozo ministry into "Freedom Tools", which provides a model that anyone can follow into freedom for themselves and for others.

I've found Andy Reese's book to be beneficial and informative. He writes in a simplistic manner for anyone to understand and yet does not dumb down the message. Through a God lead process anyone can learn to help people find the freedom they've been longing and searching for. You don't have to be a trained and licensed counselor to use these tools to help set the captive free.

Freedom Tools is a well written description of using Scriptural tools to help people with problems. Reese’s book is not a book about amateur counseling but one of inner healing and deliverance and states the limitations of "first responder" healing and doesn't claim to be more than it is.  As in basic first aid you learn what to do to help someone in need. Reese teaches about circumstances that may require professional counseling and what to do for them. It does offer assistance in providing answers for your friends and family who you have common ground. For those who find themselves in the role of advisor, confidant, or just good friend, this book offers some basic Christian tools.

Read with an open heart and listen to what God is showing you. It will change your life. I recommend this book if you want to be healed and to help others.