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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Israel At War: Inside The Nuclear Showdown With Iran by Joel Rosenberg

Is the crisis in the Middle East hurtling toward the point of no return? Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, tells the U.N. that Iran could have nukes by spring. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has called for the end of the United States and Israel. Chaos is erupting throughout the region. Rumors abound of an impending Israeli first strike against Iran’s nuclear program. Is war imminent?  Joel C. Rosenberg looks at the events developing in the Middle East and asks the tough questions: Could Israel launch a preemptive strike at any moment? How might an Israel-Iran war set the Middle East on fire? What should we be watching for?

Joel Rosenberg is uniquely qualified to help us all think clearly of the threats we face in today's world. From the depth of Rosenberg’s biblical Christian faith and personal and professional relationships with key Israeli, military and other world leaders he is able to weave a story from the bible and today’s headlines. This book is yet another conversation about the dangers of a nuclear-armed, and increasingly deranged, spiritually twisted, Iranian leadership.

The one thing I was disappointed is that my review copy did not come with the sneak preview of Rosenberg’s latest book that will come with your copy when you buy eBook. It will have a special sneak preview of material from the forthcoming novel, Damascus Countdown — the last book in the trilogy that includes The Twelfth Imam and The Tehran Initiative — which will be released early in 2013.

As usual, Mr. Rosenberg has gone to the heart of the matter. Although this book is short 100 pages, it is full of information.  The way he writes about prophecy and current events, you understand what is happening right now behind the scenes in this volatile region and how this high-stakes showdown could affect the future of the Middle East and the World. Rosenberg books are always worth reading and this book is no exception. I am looking forward to his new book.

I received copy of eBook from Tyndale Blog Network for my review