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Friday, April 25, 2014

Delicious by Ruth Reichl

This first novel of Ruth Reichl is a combination of suspense, driven pace, great period details, and significant historical backdrop, all in a setting of food and family.  Delicious is a combination of lightness and fun but serious emotions are explored.

The premise of the story was charming and well written. I thought the main character, Billie, reactions to circumstances were a little overdone and unrealistic. The focus moves from Billie’s present in the world of food and culinary journalism, to a story, a mystery, from the past. Billie unearths some letters from a young girl named Lulu, who during World War II corresponded with James Beard. As Billie reads Lulu’s letters, she has a similar experience as the reader does as tastes, customs; people come alive for her in a wonderful way that brings Lulu and her world to life.

This is my first story from this author. I did find that it had too many story lines with family, friends, romance and mystery.  Although it was interesting, it was almost tedious in cutting out the miscellaneous to get to the main reason for the story. The characters were likable and charming but the romance seemed out of place and added as an afterthought. It could have been written into two novels so the romance and family could have been explored fully.

I received copy of eBook from Random House Publishing for my review.

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