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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey

What marks the boundary between a miracle from God and the imagination of a child?
Leah is a child isolated from her peers because she stutters. Leah and her parents move to a country home in the small town of Mattingly, far away from the city, where her father still works as a psychologist and struggles with his own inner "demons." Leah's parents are trying to make their way in a floundering marriage.

It soon becomes apparent that Leah has a gift, or a talent, when it comes to painting.  The revealing of her gift coincides with some strange happenings around the town, causing the town folks to take strongly to one side or the other in the debate surrounding Leah, her family, and the paintings.

Leah attributes her ability to foretell the future by painting scenes with incredible detail and filled with prophetic imagery; to an invisible friend she calls the Rainbow Man. Some of the townsfolk are enchanted with her. Others fear her. But there is one thing they all agree on, there is no such thing as the Rainbow Man.

Allie is the one child who befriends Leah even when up against peer pressure. She's willing to defend Leah and even speak for her, but at the same time Allie is wondering how the Rainbow Man is like the God she knows from church.

The story of When Mockingbirds Sings is a like a parable with morals and values behind the scenes. A thought provoking novel that tells the story of Leah and her invisible friend. This is the first book that I have read from this author and is very unique reflecting faith as a child reflects the innocent nature around her. The plot was interesting because you really are not sure if the Rainbow man was good or evil till the end.

I received this copy of eBook from Thomas Nelson Fiction for my review

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