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Friday, May 1, 2015

Arivaca: Guardians of the Light by John Poulsen

           Jesse Ballard’s life is filled with misfortune. His parents are dead, he’s been convicted of a crime, and a dark secret torments his soul. But when he’s incarcerated on a ranch for troubled teens, he discovers his troubles have just begun. A Supreme Power has literally hijacked his life, bringing him to the ranch to make him the guardian of a powerful relic that was hidden away 2600 years ago when Solomon’s Temple was destroyed. As Jesse unravels this secretive and dangerous world he learns the ups and downs of young love, and the reward and peril of following his divine call.
            Well written, intriguing, with some very interesting twists. Many familiar plot lines are introduced which will resonate with most young readers - young love, competition among peers, being misunderstood, loss of loved ones, etc. The plot, mixing ancient artifacts, mystical powers, good and evil, all in a contemporary ranch for troubled boys, is well thought out and intriguing.

            The first book in the series and found it to be a good read, easy and quick but at the same time very engaging. Characters and background are very well developed and the use of imagery is perfect for capturing you and bringing you into the story.  Although this story is for grades 6th thru 12th, it is a great read for teens and adults alike.

            Received digital copy of book from Net Galley for my review

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