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Monday, May 11, 2015

Double Cross by Di Ann Mills

          An  unlikely trio; FBI agent, Houston police officer and a high-end criminal-turned-informant; all working together to solve a high stakes scam targeting wealthy dementia patients out of thousands of dollars after being issued fake life insurance policies.

            Agent Laurel Everston cannot believe that she has been asked to team up with the very man, Morton Wilmington, who murdered her partner in a shoot-out at the end of a successful undercover assignment. Officer Daniel Hilton agrees to help the FBI, primarily because his own grandfather was scammed and he is intrigued by the beautiful, but emotionally brittle, Laurel Everston.
            Double Cross has a very detailed plot, with numerous twists, turns and mood swings between heroes and criminals alike. Double Cross kept me guessing until the end about who the mastermind really was.

           This is a tale that summons the mind of readers to try and figure out who is ultimately behind the millions of dollars stolen from the elderly. As Laurel and Daniel cross paths during the investigation, Laurel feels trapped between maintaining her cover and her growing attraction to the handsome and stubborn police officer who won't walk away.

           There are lots of surprise twists and the romance is beautifully sweet. Daniel is patient with Laurel and yet manages to woo her rather charmingly. A great read and recommend it to anyone who likes a little romance with a murder mystery.

I received digital copy of book from Tyndale Publishers for my review.

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