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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Good Life by Charles Colson

The Good Life
Thirty five years ago a White House cover-up shook the nation. In the midst of the national controversy were the individual lives that would never be the same. One of those lives is that of Charles Colson. After serving time in prison for releasing confidential FBI information, Colson underwent a transformation, a conversion. He told about his conversion in his popular book Born Again. More than three decades later he's telling his story again, but from a more developed perspective, in his recent book, The Good Life.

The premise of The Good Life is that a good life can be found in serving others and serving them in truth and not wasting your life satisfying just your own selfish desires. Do not serve others just to promote your own self-interest. Instead, we are challenged to serve others because of who Jesus Christ is and what He did for us on the cross at Calvary.

The Good Life isn't completely about Charles Colson. In fact, his is just one of many stories the authors share to explore the issues of purpose, meaning, and truth in this life. Reflections are offered on men who "had it all," such as L. Dennis Kozlowski (former CEO of Tyco International), as well as people who endured devastating pain and suffering, such as Nien Cheng (a women who suffered under Communist rule in China).

Some of the important points, but not all, covered in the book include: 1. We acknowledge the evil to embrace the good. 2. When people are too idle, they lack purpose. We were wired to have a purpose in life. 3. Our own personal happiness must never be the ultimate goal in our lives. 4. Living independent of others is unhealthy - we are meant for community. 5. Integrity is more important than loyalty. Get that wrong and your world collapses.

           Highly recommend book to read, enjoy, and be challenged to make the most of the rest of your life for God's glory.
Received e-book for my nook for a review.