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Monday, December 29, 2014

Forever Christmas

One snowy Christmas Eve, Andrew’s life is tragically turned upside down. Then a heavenly gift provides him the opportunity to make things right. Andrew Farmer is on the fast-track in the literary world. As an up-and-coming agent, he is constantly on the road, wooing prospective clients and making a name for himself. All of his travels leave his wife Beth, his childhood sweetheart, home alone, wondering what has happened to their marriage.

Andrew returns from yet another last-minute trip, knowing he needs to make amends to Beth for his departure just days before Christmas, but he doesn’t expect her frosty greeting and the argument that ensues. Would they have spent their last moments together arguing had they known that just before midnight on Christmas Eve, Beth would be hit by an out-of-control taxi that would ultimately take her life? Andrew would like to believe not, but it isn’t until he meets a humble, straight-talking angel in disguise named Lionel, that Andrew receives the opportunity to try again.

Lionel grants Andrew the gift of the last three days of Beth’s life to relive, but there’s a hitch: her fate cannot be changed. Only one gift will save her life, and Andrew has a mere seventy-two hours to figure out what that gift is or he’ll lose Beth forever.

The cover and the description of the story intrigued me. I received a digital review copy from Thomas Nelson-Fiction via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Other reviews stated - a magical tale, reminiscent of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol.” I hoped to find a Christmas classic.

My expectations were not met. Forever Christmas was not good enough to be compared to “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol” the story was likable enough but I don’t see it as becoming a classic. It seemed Andrew and Beth talked to themselves rather than to each other. Other people gave their opinion about the main characters but not why. I found it somewhat lacking.
I often enjoy happily-ever-after stories but Forever Christmas failed to capture my attention.   Andrew and Beth didn’t seem real enough. The story never really impressed and possibly too short to develop the characters fully enough to care about what happens to them. This story did not have real conflict and tension only perceived issues. Again it was told to the reader what happened not letting the reader see it unfold, seemed more like a movie rather than a story to read.

The other reviews of this story stating that it was like other stories tells me it was not too original and was too predictable. I was disappointed in this Christmas novella, the description basically told it all.  The characters are not developed enough to care enough about them and the concept of redemption and restoration did not fully come through.

I received a digital copy of book from Thomas Nelson Fiction via Net Galley for my review.